According to Fox 28, Police confirmed Saturday morning that one person was killed and another was injured, in an early-morning shooting on South Warren Avenue. The crime scene at the corner of South Warren and Olive Street stretched for three blocks during the police investigation, which lasted for several hours. Police dispatchers confirmed the gunfire was […]

On Saturday at the Public Hall in Cleveland Ohio, Donald Trump will be visiting to discuss the Republican tax reform legislation. He is also expected to attend a local fundraiser supporting the Republican National Committee.

Columbus, Ohio has just gotten better! If you are looking for a new job or just want a change in career then look no farther because Macy’s chain in Columbus is creating 410 full-time positions. It was revealed on Monday by the Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Office will invest $13 million in this job creation tax credit. This […]

According to the data from Census Bureau, when ranking the top 10 cites in the country, Columbus is #1 for the best cities for new college graduates. Factors such as jobs, cost of living and entertainment were the metrics used to determine the rankings. Columbus population is mostly those ages 20 and 29, Cincinnati was ranked first […]


According to Fox 28, armed SWAT officers used their heavy-duty vehicles and other equipment Sunday morning to tear apart an Oakcrest Road home, searching for a suspect. The unidentified male was later found in the attic of the home. Columbus Police were called to the house after receiving a report of a domestic dispute. The […]

Life has a way of repeating itself from trends to historic streetcars. 55 years ago Columbus had a form of public transportation with a streetcar named 703. You didn’t need a car to get around the city, with just a few coins you could travel from Bexley to Clintonville. The desire to bring back 703 is now […]

A teacher is supposed to teach a child to be on time to class and complete their schoolwork on time but what happens when the teacher fails to do the same herself. Columbus middle school teacher, Shanara Culbreath,28, was absent from school because she had to appear in court for murder charges. Vincente Mills, 41, was […]

April 10th is equal pay day, which if you are anything like me – I never knew a day like such existed. This is a day committed to recognizing to straking the conversation on women still not receiving equal pay as men. After years and years of fights and vocalizing the rights for women’s we are […]

$40 was the offer that Columbus City School Principal, Leon Leavell (43) risked when responding to a sex backpage.com ad. The advertisement was posted by an undercover police detective, Laura L. Evans. The ad was offering intercourse and oral sex in exchange for cash. After communicating via text and calls to coordinate meeting at the Easton Hilton hotel in […]

Independence High School, Lincoln Park Elementary School, South High School, Livingston Elementary School, Highland Elementary School and West Broad Elementary School all have one thing in common. No sidewalk. Students have been walking in the streets to get into the school and can be a hazard, especially during heavy traffic hours.  For 2018 the budget […]