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April 10th is equal pay day, which if you are anything like me – I never knew a day like such existed. This is a day committed to recognizing to straking the conversation on women still not receiving equal pay as men. After years and years of fights and vocalizing the rights for women’s we are still stagnant when it comes to gender bias and norms.  


I recently watched an interview with Pastor John Grey on the Sister Circle TV  and one of the words he used was “favor”. A woman can help add favor to the man’s life in so many ways. Yet, she deserves less than the man when it comes to the workforce and supporting her family.

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I recently attended an event presented by The Dames Bond here in Columbus, Ohio. The event was a forum discussing ways to change equal pay and gender bias. We learned that men are considered to be a minority when it comes to college graduates as women have obtained more US college degrees since 1978. As we progress, we can see that females dominate every level of education, from associate’s degree to master’s degrees. One of the attendees at the event was a man who admitted that during his marriage he couldn’t have accomplished anything without his wife due to her ability to multitask and commit to the process of completing any task.