Fly in 5

Wearing make up fun, but I want to make sure you are taking care of you skin and getting a beat that is becoming on your face. I will keep the tips coming and next week, I will be takings things up a notch, so stay tuned! Below is a little more about Megan Brooks. […]

  Be sure to follow the  3 essential tips below when it comes to managing a great head of natural hair:   Shampoo you hair no less than once a week. Some naturals have been lead to believe that shampooing will dry your hair out. Not true. Synergi salon system has their own products that […]

  15 years ago, Syretta ventured to West Africa, for her first trip to the Mother Land. She traveled alongside some friends who shared a common interest in West African dance and culture. Little did she know then, that-that moment would have had a lasting impression on her life. In that short amount of time, she not […]

  Be sure to get Tina Campbell’s new singe, Too Hard Not To and be on the lookout for her new album coming this Fall. Also, see what’s up with Tina and Teddy Campbell at Next week we are giving you some great hair recovery tips from a local hair stylist. You don’t want […]

  If you’re trying to be in and out and the door in five minutes, check out what you need to glow up by the water below: Five pool & beach essentials: Swim suit Cover Up Lip gloss Mascara Sun glasses When the sun is shining and you’re going to be laying out, you don’t […]

  Shavone Riggins is out here providing women “Curls with Confidence” as the founding owner and CEO of Curlkalon Hair; the premier brand to offer high quality synthetic pre-curled hair specifically for crochet protective styling with patented pre-loop design. She is an entrepreneur with a passion of helping women that has helped brands grow through […]

  Below are some tips to use when applying each product: Foundation: In the warmer temperatures (late Spring into Summer), use tinted moisturizer. If you have to use foundation, use just enough to even out your skin tone. You don’t need a lot. Blush: Apply the blush to your cheekbones just to give them a […]

Facts about Sunscreen -Use the lower SPF:  what most people think is that the higher SPF allows you to be in the sun longer but the lower SPF actually protects better from the UVA rays which actually cause sun burn. -Read the drug facts: most of us don’t really know what the ingredients are in […]

  Be sure to try to match the tinted moisturizer and/or bronzer to your skin tone. These products can be found at any local convenient store. Remember, you don’t need to spend a ton a money get Fly In Five. Next week’s episode will be live from Vegas! We will be giving you tips to […]