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15 years ago, Syretta ventured to West Africa, for her first trip to the Mother Land. She traveled alongside some friends who shared a common interest in West African dance and culture. Little did she know then, that-that moment would have had a lasting impression on her life. In that short amount of time, she not only fell in love with her now husband, but a love for African printed fabrics blossomed as well. Over the years following, her husband’s family gifted her with fabric every time they revisited his homeland.  It wasn’t until 2015 that she used those gifts to birth Wrapologie. Head wraps have always been her go-to accessory, even as a child! And it is truly amazing to know that her experiences thus far have come together to create Wrapologie. Her business not only brings her pure joy, but it fills a desire to be unique and creative- because that’s the type of Queen she is!

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