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Be sure to follow the  3 essential tips below when it comes to managing a great head of natural hair:


  1. Shampoo you hair no less than once a week. Some naturals have been lead to believe that shampooing will dry your hair out. Not true. Synergi salon system has their own products that won’t leave the hair feeling weighed down or gukky


  1. Trim shape or dust your ends at least every 8-10 weeks. Don’t trim your ends your self. Synergi Salon System we straighten curly hair to cut it. We do not cut hair while it’s curly


  1. Stop using products that leave a heavy residue. Some products build up on the hair causing product buildup. Synergi Salon System products can be use to wear your hair curly or straight and won’t leave your hair feeling weighed down or greasy


Synergi Salon System is a natural hair salon that focuses on healthy natural worn straight or curly with the ability to go back and forth.  We also teach women how to manage their natural hair in between visiting their stylist.  For more info visit synergisalon.com.