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Facts about Sunscreen
-Use the lower SPF:  what most people think is that the higher SPF allows you to be in the sun longer but the lower SPF actually protects better from the UVA rays which actually cause sun burn.
-Read the drug facts: most of us don’t really know what the ingredients are in sunscreen but you want to skip things that cause skin cancer!  You also want to make sure it says BROAD SPECTRUM on it.

-Make sure you reapply:  the label will tell you how often you need to to reapply make sure you follow those steps!!  No matter what you are doing sweating swimming or just enjoying the sun REAPPLY.
Ladies, no matter your race or ethnicity, YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN! Choose the style that works best for you, put it on, and go have fun in the sun. You can also help by wearing protective clothing or a hat.
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