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If you haven’t been following up with the news then you will be out of the loop to the many stories of natural hair discrimination. From a student being sent home due to rocking an afro to a wrestler having to cut his dreads in order to participate in his match, hair discrimination has been […]


Governor Mike DeWine has spoken during a press conference with health officials about increasing the age to purchase tobacco to 21. This would include the popular choice of vaping products as well. According to 10tv.com, “E-cigarette marketers are convincing some people that their product is a safer alternative than smoking, and that’s simply not the […]


Growing up as a child can feel like rainbows and skittles, just a blast of fun with no real worries. It’s not until you reach your senior year of high school you notice things being to switch and adulthood becomes a real thing. Imagine the thoughts of a teen who is also in the foster […]


Marriage is such a beautiful thing and its even more amazing to witness in today’s society. If you could avoid a divorce I’m sure you would do that… right? Well here are a few common personality traits that lead to divorce, according to Yahoo Lifestyle : 1. Compulsive Caring Can caring for your lover too […]


Social media has expanded its needs beyond just a way to communicate, it has now allowed us to sell, promote and brand ourselves and items. The security of meeting with someone or exchanging a service presents many risks so here are some things to consider when buying items off social media. 1.  Check other services […]

Is denying prayer a reason to fire someone? Well California woman Tara Diller claims she was fired because she refused unwanted prayer from her boss. She didn’t share why the prayer was being offered but she is requesting $25,000 in damages and is prepared to sue if not reached. According to to Yahoo Lifestyle, her […]

For the past 20 years before the Super Bowl takes place, NFL players and various singers come out to celebrate the glue to their existence – Faith! This year was hosted by Rickey Smiley with co-host Adriene Bailon in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. Special guest that made an appearance were Cam Newton, […]


Columbus,OH-  If you have eaten at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (479 North High Street) between Jan.1 and Jan 16,2019, the health department is asking for you to get a hepatitis A vaccine. The Columbus Public Health is investigating the restaurant after an employee who has had direct contact with food was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. According […]


I think most of us can agree that a baby gets the best sleep. And the best way to get a baby to sleep is to rock them. Accordiing to BBC.com, a research conducted at the University of Geneva that tested 18 youbg adults at a sleep laboratory. The beds were specially created to rock […]

Black Panther has received so much success and attention that the actor Chadwick Boseman has truly become a superhero icon. Last night was the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards in California, the show presents awards to the best video production with various categories.  Hollywood actor received the Best Hero award for his role in […]