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Source: Hutchison Funeral Home / Hutchison Funeral Home

Social media has expanded its needs beyond just a way to communicate, it has now allowed us to sell, promote and brand ourselves and items. The security of meeting with someone or exchanging a service presents many risks so here are some things to consider when buying items off social media.

1.  Check other services on the seller’s page

You want to make sure the person you are buying from has sold in the past or even purchased from others. This way you can feel more comfortable with them.

2. When meeting with them to purchase the item, Go to a public area that you are familiar with.

You have decided to make the purchase but have to meet in person, just go to a  public location in the daytime.

3. Don’t go alone if possible.

Sometimes if you can’t bring a friend then just text your location and the seller’s information to a friend.

If you think we may have missed one, please share below the best tips to buying items off social media!

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