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Marriage is such a beautiful thing and its even more amazing to witness in today’s society. If you could avoid a divorce I’m sure you would do that… right?

Well here are a few common personality traits that lead to divorce, according to Yahoo Lifestyle :

1. Compulsive Caring

Can caring for your lover too much be a bad thing? Well, it is listed as a common trait if you overly care more than your partner. The reason this trait is listed is that it’s often seen that you care and will feel resentful if it’s not appreciated in return.

2. Making A Big Deal About Nothing

I am not sure what this trait would be called but some people can overthink things causing more issues than the original issue. With a trait like this, you can easily overreact and want to do the extreme such as file for a divorce.

3.  Argument Avoidance

This trait speaks for it because you can’t avoid every argument that will occur because that’s not solution driven at all. You can pick your battles but you can’t ignore them.

4. Narcissism

We know marriage is all about unity so you cant be narcissistic at all. Everything cant be the other person’s fault, you have to be able to hold yourself accountable just the same.

5. Having A Fragile Ego

Get some tough skin if you want to have a long-lasting marriage because you are a fighter! Always believe in yourself and not put so much pressure on your spouse to give you a confirmation on what’s inside of you.

6. Selfishness

This is pretty obvious that you have to remove self from your marriage while still keeping your individuality. Find balance in loving you and your spouse.


To get more information and details on each trait, visit yahoo lifestyle for more information!