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Since 2010 Allen Stowe II has been living a dream he never knew he had by being a multi-media professional. Allen has gained a plethora of experience in broadcasting and media including, radio, television, marketing, even being a director at a trade school teaching and leading aspiring journalists, broadcasters, and media professionals. Allen is a Columbus, Ohio native that believes you can be whatever you want to be from anywhere in the world. Growing as a professional and gaining experiences in life, Allen began publishing his own books including; ‘What Were You Thinking?: The Guide to Becoming a New Thinker, Sermons for the Struggle, plus more. Allen is looking to inspire the next person that is paying attention to become the best version of themselves that they can. He firmly stands behind the principle and lifestyle of inspiration and education through creative media platforms. Being an on-air talent for Joy 107.1 is something that is a full circle accomplishment for Allen because as a child he listened to the same station just a different frequency. You can find out more about Allen by listening to Joy 107.1 or on his site,

Faith Minute

Every Monday on Stowe Show in the 1 o’clock hour you can expect some of Stowe’s Soul Food; God sees the value in our brokenness. Many times we see ourselves as less than because we have flaws or made mistakes. God sees our mistakes and says, ‘I still want to use you’. I challenge you […]


Koryn Hawthorne released her new album ‘I AM’ back in September of 2020 with her hit single, ‘Speak to Me’. The Unstoppable woman of gospel music has also shown that her singing style is versatile and can cross over to the Christian AC sector too. In this video below check out how she nails the […]


Reports surfaced last week that in this memoir he revealed that he and Michelle Obama had marriage issues during his time in office. With that in mind, Barack has treaded lightly when it came to Biden's campaign and cabinet structuring.

Celebrity News

Tyler Perry gave a moving speech. No, this wasn't a speech about social justice or black rights. This speech was a universal message about understanding your worth and knowing how close you are to achieving your goals.


COVID-19 may have us closed up and staying in the house, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and lose hope. We all know that there is another side of this pandemic and God is in control of the other side. Here are 10 songs to remind you that a breakthrough is […]

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  We all fell in love and read Michelle Obama’s book, ‘Becoming’, now we can take time to watch the story behind the book. Netflix comes through again and this time with the first African-American First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. In this documentary you get a behind the scenes look at her […]

Arts & Entertainment

SPOILER ALERT: Majority of the video is addressed to Kev On Stage and Erica Campbell is mentioned at the end. If you follow KevOnStage online then you know he is a comedian that displays his faith in God on a consistent basis. When his faith and comedy collide you find him poking fun at the […]

Arts & Entertainment

The new album from Deitrick Haddon dropped on March 13 and is making the right kind of noise in gospel circles. This new album from the radical praise leader features his hit song ‘Open Door Season’. If you follow him online you may have seen the journey of him releasing his album. He even released […]


During a meeting of Congress, Congresswoman Porter gives the hard facts to CDC Director, Dr. Redfield, about Corona Virus testing. She informed him the average cost for a test is about 1,331 dollars and the average american can not even afford this bill that includes an additional 400 dollars in charges. Congress Woman Porter basically […]


  This week with all of the event shut downs across the world the Stellar Awards was no exception to the trend. It’s official, the 35th Annual Stellar Awards has been postponed until this summer. The COVID-19 virus is having global impact that could make us lose sight of who really has the power. The […]