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Source: Taszanea Stowe / Taszanea Stowe

Everywhere we turn today everyone wants to position themselves as a leader, influencer, or expert. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong taking guidance from some of these leaders. In my experience of leadership it can be one of the most vacant and tasking parts of your life. On one hand you know you have the responsibility of other’s lives depending on the decisions you make. Then on the other hand you want to throw in the towel. Not only from exhaustion, but from feeling insecure, unqualified, and defeated. Leadership is not what it is cracked up to be. The reality is that it is not the glits and glammer the public gets to see. What the public sees are the results of the fight behind the scenes. The long nights of not talking to anyone and just thinking. The hours of working and planning to ensure someone else benefits from your work. Real leadership is ugly. Leadership is frustrating. Leadership is not for the weak.

Knowing this truth of leadership God has still chosen you for this assignment. As His chosen children we are expected to lead. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Moses. Moses was minding his business by the mountain side tending to sheep and then all of a sudden God appeared to him via a burning bush. He told Moses that you are no longer going to tend to your father-in-law sheep, you will lead mine. Like a lot of us we do not feel worthy to be chosen for an assignment from God, but God did not make a guess when He chose Moses. This was not a random or lottery pick. God did not make a mistake when He chose you either.

You are destined to be a great leader because who chose you. God chose you and will always be with you. When you lead you will feel like you cannot depend on anyone. There will times when you have to make decisions when nobody is on your side. You will not always be the favorite person in the room. God did not choose you to be popular, He chose you to live out your part in His purpose. Live. Love. Lead.