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Over the weekend Halle Berry tricked her 7 million instagram followers by posting what seemed to be marriage pictures. Her and Van Hunt were in a picture that appeared to be them standing at an altar of some sort and exchanging a kiss. Then the caption she put was, “well… IT’S OFFICIAL”. Rightfully so, the […]

Last month (December) Meagan Good and long time husband, Devon Franklin, announced that they were getting a divorce. The shocking news was trending online and had many of us confused. When coming onto the scene they seemed to be a strong, trendsetting, and tradition breaking union that would stand forever. Since their announcement of divorce […]

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how can you not like Oprah? She’s a movie star, a business woman, and a media mogul like no other. All of her success on and off screen has landed Oprah in the billionaires club. Oprah is not only unique in her field of work being a black […]

It is safe to say that not only the media, but people in general thought about the status of the marriage of the Cosby’s once the accusations of Bill Cosby became public and when he had to go to trial. According to his attorney the media speculating that there was trouble are, “insurrectionists”. Those are […]

The highly anticipated Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion did not disappoint. If you have not seen it this may be a good time to click on another story.


At midnight on November 18, 2020, Andy Mineo released a new song and a new video. Andy Mineo has been on the inspirational hip hop scene for quite some time and continues to deliver. In this creative visual you will see high pace cuts and Andy taking on multiple wardrobe changes. He also shows us […]


Koryn Hawthorne released her new album ‘I AM’ back in September of 2020 with her hit single, ‘Speak to Me’. The Unstoppable woman of gospel music has also shown that her singing style is versatile and can cross over to the Christian AC sector too. In this video below check out how she nails the […]


Reports surfaced last week that in this memoir he revealed that he and Michelle Obama had marriage issues during his time in office. With that in mind, Barack has treaded lightly when it came to Biden's campaign and cabinet structuring.

Tyler Perry gave a moving speech. No, this wasn't a speech about social justice or black rights. This speech was a universal message about understanding your worth and knowing how close you are to achieving your goals.

Los Angeles, CA –Grammy┬« Award winning urban inspirational recording artist Erica Campbell of “I Luh God,” “A Little More Jesus” and “Help” fame is branching…