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The highly anticipated Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion did not disappoint. If you have not seen it this may be a good time to click on another story. Here Stowe’s Top 7 Moments from the reunion:

7. Will’s Audition Story – Will shares how the show came about for the first time with his castmates. After 30 years they never knew that the show was made official after one visit to Quincy Jones’ house on Quincy’s birthday.

6. Ashley’s First Kiss – Tatyana Ali was someone America saw grow up on the show. She was on the show from the ages of 11 to 17. She shared how she was around the Fresh Prince family more than her actual family. She also revealed that she had her first kiss in life on the show.

5. Baby Nicky – All grown up now, Ross Bagley AKA Nicky showed up as a surprise and shared his memories of the show. This was a surprise to everyone because he did not make an appearance in the trailer.

4. Changing How TV was Produced – The cast shared how even though this was a black show with white writers and producers, they had the freedom to add their input. From a cultural perspective, they were able to share with the network what was and what was not acceptable in black households. They all really enjoyed that part of the show.

3. Hillary Staying Hillary – There was a time where the writers wanted Hillary to change her character and become a strong independent black woman all of a sudden. Karyn Parsons did not want to do that. She wanted to be a character that was relatable to those who were limited in some of their ways like Hillary.

2. The Original Aunt Viv – Janet Louise Hubert AKA ‘The Original Aunt Viv’ sat down and talked with Will Smith for the first time in 27 years. This was an amazing moment where both got to share their side of the story and put an end to the public conception of their relationship. To top that moment off, Janet reunited with the rest of the cast and met her replacement Aunt Viv for the first time ever.

1 James Avery Tribute – Right in the middle of the laughs and the memories the cast took time to stop and reflect on how important James Avery, Uncle Phil, was to their personal growth. They also all agreed that he was the heart and soul of the show.

This was an emotional rollercoaster that was right on time for the world to see. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air debuted in September of 1990 and is still relevant to the culture of society today. We should all be proud of the excellence that the show displayed for six seasons. The reunion is available on HBO Max. Check out the trailer below: