In this edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell explains why parents need to be careful not to love their kids from their hurt instead of the heart. She talks about making sure to love them sincerely from your heart as opposed to a place of fear or pain from your past experiences, and establishing an […]

Article By Belinda Harris // EEW Magazine One of our favorite Christian couples is sharing their life inside the pages of the June 2016 edition of Parents Magazine. NBA superstar Stephen Curry and his lovely wife Ayesha are taking you behind the scenes of their cover shoot and discussing how they balance it all. “The […]

Our teenagers have never known a world without smartphone technology. This is both good and bad. Given the bad stuff that we have walked through with many families in recent years (porn addiction, bullying, self-esteem rooted in number of likes) there is part of me that wishes it would all go away. It’s not going […]

Parents Question: we are worried that we haven’t really shown our kids how much we love them. We both work and have very busy lives. But we do love our three children very much. What are concrete ways we can show our love to our kids so that they can really know how much we […]

Marcus D. Wiley receives a letter from a parent who has been blocked on facebook by their child. What should he or she do? Listen to…

ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the storm hitting the east coast, global parenting expert Jo Frost has put together an exciting list of family activities to consider, rather than using up quality time on computers, mobile devices, television and other technology. “Let’s challenge ourselves to not rely on technology this weekend to babysit us […]