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Father comforting his crying daughter

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Communication has always been key but as an adult, I have noticed that parents often forget that aspect when it comes to their children.  Age and authority shouldn’t be the reason for why someone should listen to you but often time that is why children are told they have to. I want to just share three ways parents can communicate with their children better.

1. Be the example

Often times parents react out of emotion which then transfers the feelings of guilt and sadness for the child. If you are upset I think its best you take time away until you can respond rationally.  Parents have to understand that children are learning this world and most of the mistake made are unintentional. Now there are situations when the child is out of order and needs to be reprimanded but still act accordingly refraining from the use of profanity etc.

2. Listen to your child and let them talk

Parents have been known to protect their child and will decide whats best for them until they are no longer under their roof. As your child grows into a teen and then an adult you must allow for them to develop and express themselves. Don’t cut your child off even if its something you don’t want to hear, let them get it all out. Stop looking at them as if they are unable to form an opinion or that you cant learn anything from them.

3. Don’t Judge Them

Typically parents see their children as innocent or having the desire of them to be perfect but you have to be understanding to your child. Please get the idea out of your head that you can control them or focus them to take your advice. You have a say and how you expect them to handle themselves but you cant control them. Also, realize that the ways of the world are always changing and to remember what you felt as a child.

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