So, Christmas is almost here and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t started shopping yet. Most of my friends and family are hard to shop for and I struggle with coming up with things they really need. Between working, parenting, trying to keep the spark in the marriage and take care of themselves, their […]


Mother’s Day is almost here! If you haven’t bought mom a gift yet, consider doing something for her that won’t cost you anything, but she will remember forever! Check out some ideas below: 1.  Make her dinner: Call her up and schedule a time when you can come to the house and make dinner. 2. […]

It’s 16 degrees in Columbus, so if you plan on staying in, I have some ideas below that can help make it a great night, in. 1.  Old School Dance Contest: Throw on some classics that will get everyone in mood and break out your best dance moves. Pick a cool gift for the person […]

There are only three more Sundays until Christmas. If you still getting checking this off your list, below are a few gift ideas that you should consider for the woman if your life. Massage/ Facial: Women wear may hats, so it’s always good when they can relax. Send her to a nice place where she […]

Happy Mother’s Day! If you are still trying to figure out what to get the mother in your life, check out some ideas I came up with below: Spa Service: Whether it’s a mani, pedi, massage, facial or any other spa service, she will thank you for it. Money: Come on now, who doesn’t want […]


Summer is here! And while kids are excited, parents are trying to find creative ways to keep them engaged. Check out some cool ideas below. At the end of the day, spending quality time with your kids is always a win- win. via 1. Explore the Explorer in Your Child Surprise your child with […]


Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all mothers are feeling loved today. Below are some things you can do for the “Mother” in your life that doesn’t cost you much, just requires your time. Now, moms, don’t hesitate to offer any of these ideas as well. Tag me in your Mother’s Day pics at @Joy1071 on Instagram! […]