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Listen Up! Here’s What She REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

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Portrait of Mother and Daughter in City

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Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all mothers are feeling loved today. Below are some things you can do for the “Mother” in your life that doesn’t cost you much, just requires your time. Now, moms, don’t hesitate to offer any of these ideas as well. Tag me in your Mother’s Day pics at @Joy1071 on Instagram!



Pick Up the House

It seems like no matter how many times a mom picks up the house, 10 minutes later it is a disaster again. If you want to make her happy, keep the house picked up, if only for one day. Have the kids put their toys away after they are done playing. Don’t throw your socks and clothes on the ground, but rather put them in their place. Instead of piling the mail on the kitchen table, file it where it needs to go. Make an effort to put things in their place, and keep the kids on task as well.

Feeling Appreciated

You don’t realize how much your parents did for you until you have kids of your own. All those times your mom helped you with your homework. Then when she’d make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and wash your clothes. Helped you learn to use the bathroom. She would even fix your broken toys, and would always make your boo-boo feel better. She’d give up something she wanted, because she preferred making you happy instead.

All of these things, and more, happen hundreds of times a day. Moms don’t do it because they want recognition, but rather because they love you. This Mother’s Day, tell her just how much you appreciated all those countless things she did, and how much she means to you.

Make Dinner

Lots of families make dinner for their moms on Mother’s Day, but who did the grocery shopping? Who told you how to make it? Who helped set the table? And who put away the dishes? Probably mom.

Make sure to completely take over EVERY aspect of the dinner making process. Mom should not have to worry about a thing, except eating and enjoying the meal. Lots of moms like to help, but give her something to occupy her time so she doesn’t wander into the kitchen during the meal prep. Give her a book to read, put on her favorite movie that she never has time to watch, or let her have time to give her own mom a phone call, while you get dinner ready.

Wash Her Car and Fill it Up

Something as small as getting her car washed and filling up the tank will make her day. It is a small gesture that goes a long way. Putting gas in the car is necessary, yet annoying. She has a million other things to do, and even though it only takes 10 minutes, sometimes it can just be something she does not have time for. It’s something thoughtful that she will really appreciate.

Get the Kids Ready

Getting kids ready, whether it is for the day or for bed takes a lot of work from mom. She helps them find something to wear, while reminding them to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. Doing their hair, giving them breakfast or water, finding their back packs, making sure their shoes are on the right feet, and more- the list goes on and on. Take it upon yourself to get the kids ready. If they have a question or need help, intervene before they get to mom. When you’re trying to get yourself, and however many kids you have, ready and out the door it can be a bit chaotic. Let her have a day off to spend more time on herself than she has since before the kids came.

Do Nothing

Moms are great at making themselves feel guilty for every little thing. She feels responsible for solving the world’s problems, thinking of solutions before an issue even arises, making sure everyone is happy at all times, and always being on guard for any opportunity to help, fix, prevent, and resolve.

When she takes a moment to relax, she feels like there is something else she should be doing. Let her have some time off. Things may come up during that time, but you handle it, or it can wait. Don’t allow her to feel guilty for taking a minute to put her mom duties on hold and worry about herself for a while. This is a great gift to give any mom.

Moms are usually the glue that holds the family together, but there are some times when she needs a little support herself. Don’t just go through the motions of buying a gift this year for Mother’s Day. Instead, do something that will really make a difference in her day and show just how much you really do care for her.