Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is almost here! If you haven’t bought mom a gift yet, consider doing something for her that won’t cost you anything, but she will remember forever! Check out some ideas below: 1.  Make her dinner: Call her up and schedule a time when you can come to the house and make dinner. 2. […]

Happy Mother’s Day! If you are still trying to figure out what to get the mother in your life, check out some ideas I came up with below: Spa Service: Whether it’s a mani, pedi, massage, facial or any other spa service, she will thank you for it. Money: Come on now, who doesn’t want […]

    One of the greatest parts of being a mother are the many lessons about God that our children are able to teach us. When my children were infants, they had this beautiful way of bringing so many scriptures to life for me, and they had no idea that they did it. Do not […]


Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all mothers are feeling loved today. Below are some things you can do for the “Mother” in your life that doesn’t cost you much, just requires your time. Now, moms, don’t hesitate to offer any of these ideas as well. Tag me in your Mother’s Day pics at @Joy1071 on Instagram! […]

Erica and Tina Cambpell of Mary Mary open up about their mom and all the things about her that makes them love her so much. And theyb talk about their experiences as mothers source: