Countryside road during snow storm

Source: Anton Petrus / Getty

It’s 16 degrees in Columbus, so if you plan on staying in, I have some ideas below that can help make it a great night, in.

1.  Old School Dance Contest: Throw on some classics that will get everyone in mood and break out your best dance moves. Pick a cool gift for the person who wins!

2. Bake: Make some cookies, bake a cake or brownies. It’s always the right time to cater to your sweet tooth.

3. Movie Night: Let everyone in the house pick their favorite movie to watch. Don’t forget the popcorn and some good ole Kool-Aid.

4. Story-time: Sit around and share some cool family stories and memories. Reflecting on good times is food for the soul.

5. Hot Bubble Bath: Relax and enjoy a nice, long bubble bath. Light some candles, put on some soothing music and rest your eyes. Now that sounds good!

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