It never fails.  As I engage in conversation with my children, they inevitably will ask me questions that I just don’t have the answers to.  It’s frustrating and even a little embarrassing.  As the adult in the conversation, I feel like I should be able to represent all parents and have a sufficient answer […]

Gen. 11:31–12:3 holds some important spiritual truths to help those of us who are stuck in the middle. God is calling for us to come out of that place that has us stuck. We may be stuck in sin, stuck in a sad sorrowful situation, stuck in the middle. We know that we have to […]

In True Hollywood Bible Stories, Erica Campbell & GRIFF tell the story of Belaam & the talking donkey.

Most Christians don’t realize what they have with this power because so many don’t know what the Word of God says regarding their rights in Christ. But glory be to God that we are everything that the Word of God says that we are. We just need to learn how to apply His Word to […]

    The church has some problems.  No question about it.  I’ve been around the church most of my life.  Actually, all of my life would not be a stretch.  Interestingly enough, I’ve seen some of the best that the church has to offer and unfortunately, I’ve seen some of the worse that the church […]

  As a preacher’s kid, I grew up hearing and reading about faith. As an adult I’ve come to know and experience what faith is and does. FAITH: loyalty, belief and trust in God. I am a fan of and when I typed “trust” I noticed the derivatives were, “trustability”, “trustable”, “truster”, “trustingly”, “trustingness”. […]

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the King of Heaven.  He is also The King of kings and Lord of lords (1Tim. 6:15).  God’s man and woman, Adam and Eve had the assignment to rule and reign on earth in the Garden of Eden.  When they sinned they turned over their authority given to […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about sleep.

Here’s a hard truth: many of us claim to have faith in God when we don’t. Maybe we did, once upon a time, before we found ourselves in debt. Before we got that illness. Before anything troubling occurred in our lives. We read about God’s ability to work miracles, but we don’t believe that He’ll […]

This week’s topic: Resurrection Resurrection Day is one of the best times, if not, THEE BEST TIME to celebrate. This is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is such a profound day. This is the day which Jesus conquered the grave and hell, which brought shame to the devil (Revelation 1:18). […]