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It never fails.  As I engage in conversation with my children, they inevitably will ask me questions that I just don’t have the answers to.  It’s frustrating and even a little embarrassing.  As the adult in the conversation, I feel like I should be able to represent all parents and have a sufficient answer to a child’s question.  But I’ve got to be honest with you; I’ve let parents down around the world more than once.

Questions like, “Do dogs and cats go to heaven?” or “Does God sleep on the clouds?” or even, “Does God recount your hairs even when you get a haircut?”  Ultimately, the conversation hits a stalemate or a moment of silence and with all the answer I have attempted to come up with, many times I’ll simply say, “Just trust me…”  Although, I try hard to explain the whole process or answer all of the “Whys?”, there are times that I simply have to default to, “Just trust me…”

But as I think more about this phenomenon, there are many, many things about this walk of faith that are just unexplainable.  We ask God a lot of “whys” and “how did that happen?” or even ask for more details to something that has transpired.  I don’t have any deep scriptures that prove that God always lays out the answers for us, but I do believe that many times God’s default is, “Just trust me…”

I think the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of those concepts that is just mind-boggling.  It is unexplainable, unsearchable, and beyond human comprehension.  The archeologists and historians have found enough evidence to know that it’s real.  The researchers and even many doubters who have attempted to disprove its reality have come away scratching their heads in amazement and disbelief.  It’s just down right amazing.

Yet, scripture gave us prophecy and word after word that this would take place.

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