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Church Supports Faithful Struggling Through Recession

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The church has some problems.  No question about it.  I’ve been around the church most of my life.  Actually, all of my life would not be a stretch.  Interestingly enough, I’ve seen some of the best that the church has to offer and unfortunately, I’ve seen some of the worse that the church offers.  I’ve seen carnal Christians and prideful pimps…Oops, I mean preachers.  I’ve seen gossipy groups, along with inconsistent holy rollers.  I’ve seen people smoke in their cars and then speak in tongues in service.  I’ve known about people living alternative lifestyles yet portray something totally different when church mothers and deacons come in their presence.  I’ve seen Pastors look women up and down and undress them with their eyes and then preach on that in their sermon.  The list could go on and on.

But I’m committed to the church.  You may ask why?  If I’ve seen all of that – why in the world would I sell out to this organization and be willing to serve it until my last days?

That’s a good question and I’m willing to give you a straight-forward answer.  First, let me tell you what else I’ve seen.

I’ve seen church members that take their faith serious and walk that out in their daily lives.  I’ve seen Pastors have such an encounter with God that they live what they preach.  I’ve seen choir members that were the same righteous people in public and in private.  I’ve seen more preachers that were committed to their wives than I have seen the opposite.  I’ve seen more Deacons support their Pastor’s than the opposite. I’ve seen church members that love people so much that they’ve given money, time, and their talents just to help someone that they’ve only met a few minutes ago.  I’ve seen people cry together and laugh together.  I’ve seen men connect with other men when otherwise there were walls of mistrust.  I’ve seen women get restored when they’d decided they would never trust again. This list could also go on and on.

My vote is with the church.

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