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Here are a few tips when using mascara and liner whether colored or black!

Mascara Tips:

-The way your lashes turn out whether full or long or separated is all in the brush….

-never pump the mascara in and out of the tube, that creates air and drys the mascara out!

-always replace your mascara every 2-3 months, if you use daily, then every month!

-occasionally wipe your mascara wand to remove the gunk with a tissue

-never be afraid of color mascara it will enhance and give you a quick “pop” look


-make sure you are sanitizing your liner by using a sharpener and or dipping it in alcohol before you use it

-color liner is fun and gives you another option when you don’t want to use eye-shadow

-a softer glide eye liner is more gentle on the eye

Removing your mascara and liner

-always use and oil based makeup remover it’s easier on the eye

-don’t rub to hard

-use Cotton balls (soft)

After you’ve completed your “fly in five” eye look you can add a little flavor to it by using a bronzer or some color on the cheeks and some high lighter!!

What ever you do…. have fun!!!!

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