Man, I just washed my car for the first time this winter and now snow is about to make a comeback. According to Fox 28, up to three inches of snow is predicted for late Saturday night into Sunday by meteorologist Rachael Penton, Columbus city crews are preparing. Spokesperson Jeff Ortega said crews are out pre-treating streets […]


Winter weather brings something that we all hate, potholes! Thanks to ODOT, some of them are being filled. According to Fox 28, crews took advantage of nice weather over the weekend to do some major work on Interstate 71 in the Grove City area. “We need to take action now to get these repairs done. […]

It’s 16 degrees in Columbus, so if you plan on staying in, I have some ideas below that can help make it a great night, in. 1.  Old School Dance Contest: Throw on some classics that will get everyone in mood and break out your best dance moves. Pick a cool gift for the person […]

Fashion expert J. Bolin called up Erica Campbell and GRIFF to talk about spring fashion!

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF talks about a day he took a walk and was appreciating the beautiful weather, and then all of a sudden the sky opened up and a storm began! So after a moment of being unsure of what to do, GRIFF decided to call Juan to swing by and […]

Summer fashion is always exciting as we approach the scene fresh out of the dead of winter. But every year when we quickly plunge into the relentless heat, styling for optimal comfort and flyness can get a little tricky. But luckily, we have Goo Goo, fashion stylist extraordinaire, to give us some helpful tips on staying […]