I never discovered mindfulness mediation until entering college and having to add a health education class to my schedule. It was then I entered a new way of dealing with life’s ups and downs. I wish I would have learned this form of dealing with stress and becoming more aware of the things happening around me soon. […]

A teacher is supposed to teach a child to be on time to class and complete their schoolwork on time but what happens when the teacher fails to do the same herself. Columbus middle school teacher, Shanara Culbreath,28, was absent from school because she had to appear in court for murder charges. Vincente Mills, 41, was […]

As we know February is Black History Month, this month is supposed to acknowledge African Americans that have helped contribute to society. Apparently, a New York social studies middle school teacher Patricia Cummings had a didn’t agenda in mind when she instructed her black students only to lay face down on the floor.  It has been stated that […]

Photos of a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta went viral when she was dubbed on #TeacherBae social media. While her beauty is certainly what caught the internet’s attention, Patrice “Tricey” Brown’s positive attention quickly turned negative when people began to scold her for what she was wearing. While Patrice didn’t show any skin, her curves […]

If you’re a teacher who has ever taught K-12, do you ever think back and wonder what happened to some of those kids? Little Johnny, who worked your nerves because he always threw those doggone paper airplanes when he thought you weren’t looking. Nikki, who never seemed to be in a good mood. And David. […]

A Greene County teacher is in trouble after a girl recorded him allegedly answering her question by calling her “the dumbest girl I have ever met.” Shaniaya Hunter, a junior at Greene County High School, has an eye condition that sometimes has kept her out of class. In December, she was trying to catch up […]