President Donald Trump

VP thanks, Buckeye state and promises we won’t be forgotten. Mike Pence paid a visit to those who would listen in Reynoldsburg about the president’s promises to the state. President Donald Trump being able to win Ohio sealed the deal for his victory. Many who voted for him felt he can bring jobs back to […]

It didn’t last long for a rally for President Donald Trump to get rowdy but it did. Today what started off as a peaceful rally in front of the Ohio Statehouse turn into a clash of words once critics of the president made their voices heard. Local reports show supporters carrying signs with messages like “Christians Love Trump” […]

President Donald Trump doubled down on a few of his controversial policies and outlined his agenda for Americans during his first joint address to a bitterly divided Congress Tuesday night.

The internet had a needed laugh this past weekend on the behalf on President Donald Trump. As the president keeps attacking the media, and still insisting on illegitimate voting fraud, many have been echoing the president is acting like a “sore winner” or “small.” Well, it doesn’t take long for the internet to see an opportunity […]

Michelle Obama's facial expressions on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day were those of a Black woman who’d had enough trying to pretend the corroded lemons in front of her could be turned into lemonade.

The internet has made fun over the Trump administration’s best efforts to make us believe their “alternative facts.” Now Dove deodorant uses this to market their new ad campaign while trolling President Donald Trump and friends. Kelly Anne Conway who serves as the president’s counselor needed some of her own when she pretty much embarrassed herself […]

President Donald Trump named Neil Gorsuch as his first nominee for the Supreme Court during a primetime announcement at the White House on Tuesday night.

Enough is enough and former President Barack Obama is finally speaking out against current President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and his administration trying to imply they got the idea from him. The statement was issued on Monday and Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis reportedly said that he is “heartened by the level of engagement taking place in […]

I’m just going to pray for him. At the end of the day, he’s still a human being,” Good told The Grio last week. “I don’t accept and I’m not OK with a lot of the stuff that has gone on, but he’s still a human being and a child of God.” The 35-year-old actress gearing […]