Joe Biden could be the next POTUS especially since he is currently leading in most Democratic presidential polls.  According to Fox 28, he came to Ohio while most other Democratic contenders spent time in California on Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden further contrasted himself with Donald Trump, saying the White House deserves someone more respectful […]

Praise the Lord! After the longest government shutdown in U.S history (35 days,) Trump has signed a bill to reopen the government. According to thehill.com, Trump agreed to fully reopen the government for three weeks – until Feb. 15 – as part of a deal that did not include money for a border wall, which had […]

Former President Barack Obama is taking a break from vacationing and writing his memoir. Next week he will speak to students at the University of Chicago on Monday—this is his first public event since leaving the White House. According to The Chicago Tribune, Obama and young leaders will hold a conversation on civic engagement and discuss community organizing […]

While Trump swears his now-defunct Muslim travel ban wasn’t a ban on Muslims, the xenophobia is still being felt in airports across the nation. Case in point, Muhammad Ali Jr. was recently detained by customs in Florida when returning from a trip from Jamaica. According to the Courier Journal, Muhammad Ali Jr., 44, and his mother […]

It doesn’t look people are feeling this Muslim Ban. Social media and the Internet went in a complete frenzy when they found out that people were denied access into the US, even though they had a valid visa or green card. Airports around the Nation were immediately thrown into complete confusion. Protests errupted and videos began circulating […]

Chrisette Michele has been the target of major scrutiny after agreeing to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration.

The internet has been buzzing about people accepting Trump’s invitation to be a part of his inaugural ball. Whether you support Donald Trump or not, he is now the 45th President of the United States. With our country divided, now more than ever, we all need to stay prayed up and could use an extra […]

Fresh out of the hospital after an alleged psychotic breakdown, Kanye West went from brunette to blond and more importantly, hit up Trump Tower in NYC for a meeting with our infamous President-elect.

It only seems right that the legendary talk show host will nab the final interview with our FLOTUS. Oprah Winfrey has been a supporting and dominating force when it comes to the Obama family and helping President Barack Obama win two terms. According to the Los Angeles Times, “First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell to the […]

Well, nevermind then. The President of the United States Barack Obama has put the nail in the coffin (at least for now) on any political runs for his wife Michelle Obama. Even though the FLOTUS has said repeatedly all this year she has no interest to step into politics, the question is still being asked. […]