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Hand-lettered Love Your Muslim Neighbor sign held aloft.

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

It doesn’t look people are feeling this Muslim Ban. Social media and the Internet went in a complete frenzy when they found out that people were denied access into the US, even though they had a valid visa or green card. Airports around the Nation were immediately thrown into complete confusion. Protests errupted and videos began circulating of those expressing their disagreement with President Trump’s executive order.

Yesterday, a federal judge in New York blocked part a portion of Trump’s ban. Judge Ann Donnelly ruled that authorities could not remove individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries who had arrived in US airports after the order had been issued. As of Sunday, the White House maintained that the order is unaffected and remains in place.

According to CNN, a White House spokesperson defended the order Sunday, saying: “It is the right and duty of the President to do everything in his legal and constitutional power to protect the American people.”
“Saturday’s ruling does not undercut the President’s executive order. All stopped visas will remain stopped. All halted admissions will remain halted. All restricted travel will remain prohibited. The executive order is a vital action toward strengthening America’s borders, and therefore sovereignty. The order remains in place,” the spokesperson said.
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