10/20/16- The Talk co-host and world renowned comedian Sheryl Underwood talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about last night’s presidential debate and why she can’t wait until her fraternity brother is back in the White House. “Donald Trump got beat by a white pantsuit and it ain’t even Easter! She hit hard! […]

  10/20/16- Political Analyst Ken Smukler gives his final recap of the last Presidential debate and as usual he keeps us laughing! Listen to his recap above!

  10/19/16- Roland Martin and the Pastor of Friendship West Baptist, Dr. Fredrick Haynes of  talk to the Democratic nominee for Vice President, Senator Tim Kaine about the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump and much more. What to expect from tonight’s debate: “Her demeanor was presidential. She was calm even when Donald Trump tried to rattle her. She will […]

Donald Trump asked a moderator to give him 25 seconds to refute Hillary Clinton during Sunday’s presidential debate, but it’s clear that Trump is running out of time. Women are calling Trump “sickening;” House Speaker Paul Ryan is refusing to campaign with Trump or defend him; 36 Republicans have abandoned Trump and former Secretary of […]

"For too long policy makers have chosen to play politics with prime-policy by enacting so-called tough on crime slogans and soundbites." – Congressman Bobby Scott

Donald Trump says he can shoot someone and he still wouldn’t lose supporters. Click on the audio player to hear what these listeners said about that in this…