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According to Fox 28, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the featured speaker at the Ohio Democratic Party’s Annual Legacy Dinner Friday evening. Her visit was a sign the national Democratic Party still believes it can win in Ohio in 2020 despite several statewide wins by Republicans.

“She knows her being here is a signal to Democrats that we’re in this fight and a signal to potential Democratic candidates to run next year and get a bit of a head start 18 months out,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D – Ohio).

Pelosi focused her speech on getting rid of corruption, making health care more accessible as well as holding the Trump administration accountable.

“We will legislate to make progress in the lives of the American people,” Pelosi said. “We will also investigate, to defend our democracy and to hold this president and this administration accountable.”

Pelosi has become an icon in the Democratic Party for being the first woman to become the speaker of the House of Representatives. More recently, she’s gained respect from her party for standing up to President Trump.

She also talked about the very controversial heartbeat anti-abortion bill as well. See more below: