House of Representatives


According to Fox 28, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the featured speaker at the Ohio Democratic Party’s Annual Legacy Dinner Friday evening. Her visit was a sign the national Democratic Party still believes it can win in Ohio in 2020 despite several statewide wins by Republicans. “She knows her being here is a signal to […]

Attorney General of California Kamala Harris, who became the second Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate, and former Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown are among leaders scheduled to serve in Congress in 2017.

Embed from Getty Images Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman has defeated former Gov. Ted Strickland in a race that could had given Democrats a chance to win back the senate. Portman, a former U.S. trade representative ran a strong campaign, branding Strickland early on as “Retread Ted.” What may swayed voters his way was by tying Strickland […]

Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, returned to his protest roots when he led a sit-in on the House floor Wednesday, making an emotional plea for a vote to overhaul the nation’s gun control laws. “What is the tipping point? Are we blind? Can we see?” Lewis said during a live […]