Erica Campbell

SPOILER ALERT: Majority of the video is addressed to Kev On Stage and Erica Campbell is mentioned at the end. If you follow KevOnStage online then you know he is a comedian that displays his faith in God on a consistent basis. When his faith and comedy collide you find him poking fun at the […]

Our girl, Erica Campbell is out here living her best life. She gets your ready for the day every morning with her radio show and she’s currently a judge on Sunday’s Best, among other things. No matter what she’s doing, we can always expect some good music. She just announced via Instagram that she’s been […]

  Remember the song Warryn and Erica Campbell were working on during an episode of We’re The Campbells on TV One? The song is finished and the married couple is preparing to share it with the world! Sign Up For Our Newsletter!   After years of spending so much time together in the studio as producer (Warryn) and singer (Erica), […]

You better sing, baby girl! Erica Campbell has a true star on his hands! Krista Campbell shows that she really has some pipes while singing the National Anthem at an L.A. Sparks game.

  According to TV One, Erica Campbell is back, but this time with her family. TV One has announced the start of production in Los Angeles for the new original docu-series WE’RE THE CAMPBELLS. The docu-series follows Gospel music power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell as they balance raising their family, building their own individual empires, growing their flourishing church ministry and […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell explains that she's made it through breakups.

In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about how we portray ourselves on social media.

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about a time when she witnessed an actress perform a piece called “Invisible Mom.” In the piece, she talks about how kids, and other people sometimes overlook her presence unless it has to do with them needing her to do things for her. But as Erica […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that her church had an Easter production, and in that production a rich man came up to Jesus, and asked him how much it costs to get into heaven. In response, Jesus told him to sell everything he had. The rich man wasn’t very excited to […]

In Love Talking, Erica Campbell explains that not everyone is going to give you an apology.