Police Arrest Parents After Escaped Child Calls 911 On Parents Who Kept 13 Siblings Restrained In Shackles

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Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to inspect your home. As a new homeowner, I am always doing research to find out what I can do to keep my home safe and to minimize costly maintenance bills. View the check list of things to do to make sure your home is running smooth through summer.

Check out your cooling system: it’s gonna be HOT this summer and of course, humid. You don’t want to wait until those 80-90 degree days to realized your air conditioner isn’t working.

Inspect your roof: this is the best protector for your home. Be sure to check for cracking, warping or lose tiles or shingles. Look for any potential issues around your vents, skylights and chimney. When in doubt, hire a licensed professional.

Clean your gutters: a proper draining system is essential. Remove any debris from downspouts and gutters. Check for loose or leaky gutters and make sure the downspout is positioned to ensure that water is draining away from your home.

Replace batteries in smoke detectors: if they are already beeping, get those batteries replaced! Smoke detectors are a great line of defense to keep you, your family and your home safe.

Clear out the garbage disposal: just think about everything that goes down your sink…it definitely could use a good cleaning. An easy and cost-effective way to maintenance your disposal is to drop a tray ice cubes down the drain while running some cold water.

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