Many from both sides of the political spectrum are arguing against the president’s call to fund the wall.

Columbus groups join the nationwide protest against President Donald Trump’s decision to call for a national emergency to have his border wall. Many locals expressed their frustrations with the president’s latest “stunt.”

“There’s too much going on politically and I’m getting sick and tired of Trump, Portman and all these people taking over our rights,” said Bob Wright, a voter from Lancaster, Ohio.

Trump called for a national emergency Friday after he has gone back-in-forth publicly about the matter. Both Democrats and Republicans have voiced their opinions arguing against this decision.

“This is appalling that our president is out here abusing powers that he wants to build a wall and not welcome immigrants,” Ohio state senator Tina Maharath said. “As a child of refugee parents, I should be standing up for rest of the refugees and immigrants out here in Columbus.”

Source: 10TV

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