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Aretha Franklin - FEATURED IMAGE

Source: Eddy Martinez / iOne Digital

Aretha Franklin has officially been laid to rest, but the Internet can’t stop talking about her funeral and the memorable Black church moments that came out of it.

1. Ariana Grande’s Little Black Dress


Someone should have told Ariana Grande about the Black church before letting her walk up in Aretha Franklin’s funeral in this leg-bearing black dress. Not a prayer cloth was in sight to shield Ariana Grande from the stares of Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson, who perked up as soon as the pop star walked on stage.

2. How Long It Was…

Black folk shouldn’t be surprised that Aretha Franklin’s home going service took us into 2019, after all it was a religious Black occasion, which mean there were probably multiple tithe collections and someone in the last pew yelling “Take your time.”

3. Cicely Tyson’s Hat

Soul Music Icon Aretha Franklin Honored During Her Funeral By Musicians And Dignitaries

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Cicely Tyson is the First Lady you face off against in the final round of Sunday’s Best after you defeat all the deconettes


4. If Sis Is Alive…

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