How will this meeting affect the decision to come for head coach Urban Meyer?

It was another buzzworthy day in sports in Columbus after former OSU assistant football coach Zach Smith met with investigators today.

Smith is in the center of the controversy of an alleged 2015 domestic violence incident with his ex-wife that has now dragged head coach Urban Meyers in the mix. Also we learn that Smith was arrested for drunk driving in 2013 but says he did not tell Meyer.


The attorney for Smith made a statement saying, spent several hours with investigators today and did not refuse to answer a single question.” We don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing for everybody involved.

Smith has denied the allegations made by his ex-wife Courtney Smith. However, a court order made by the ex-wife resulted in Zach’s firing.

Meyer is still on paid suspension and the question remains does he deserve to be punished for any of this? Let us know below.

Source: 10TV

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