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One funny thing about hip-hop culture: Snitching is always billed as the ultimate sin, yet people keep telling on themselves.

And now, in a reportedly ironic twist, one of the men seen on video jumping the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in a Florida gym this week allegedly inadvertently identified himself as one of the assailants in graphic footage that he posted to his own social media account for the entire world to see.

In the video, Takashi was called a “rat” for testifying against his co-defendants in order to receive a shortened sentence — a major no-no in both hip-hop and street cultures. But, as it turns out, the person behind the social media account may have actually ratted on himself and the people involved in the violence.

Go figure.

In case you missed it, Tekashi, recognizable by his signature rainbow-colored hair, was hospitalized on Tuesday night after several men stomped, beat and punched him in a bathroom at an LA Fitness gym club in Florida. The extent of the injuries sustained is not clear, but photos and video footage from the aftermath show Tekashi was severely bloodied and bruised.

Several clips showed at least three men participating, not including whoever was filming, by repeatedly kicking Tekashi in the head, face and ribs and raining down punches on him while he cowered and tried in vain to protect himself on the ground.

People can be seen watching in the background as one of the apparent assailants dares Tekashi to “do something.”

One of the men encourages another to “take a picture” and insists “I’m gonna be famous now.”

But a closer look at the main video of the violence showed it originated from an Instagram account credited to user @triggajigga2400, whose account has since been made private. The video had multiple messages written across the footage.

“King Sh*t we caught 6ix9ine slipping f–k a rat ADR not on our hood,” one message said.

But another message printed on the video boasted about someone with the handle @BULLET_GUZMAN beating Tekashi “LIKE WE DID N-GGAS IN THE COUNTY.”

The account that posted the screenshot and video also posted photos of @BULLET_GUZMAN and claimed that person had served eight years behind bars.

“Posting the video to your page is beyond DUMB…,” the tweet said in part before adding: “Welp back to jail he goes.”

A quick visit to the Instagram account belonging to @bullet_guzman shows a person bearing a slight resemblance to one of the men seen stomping and beating Tekashi.

The Instagram account is credited to a man named Bullet Guzman who is notably identified as a “Video creator” as well as a bodyguard, “credit financing specialist” and “marksman.”

Guzman is also described as the CEO of a company apparently called Almighty Productions that, if its Instagram is any indication, specializes in adult content.

Of the 25 posts on Guzman’s Instagram account, five show him in a jail setting, including one video captioned: “From a concrete box-to C.E.O.”

One of the first comments displayed was posted on Wednesday: “Lol back to jail u go.”

CBS News reported on Wednesday that the police are involved but that no arrests had been made in the case.

Born Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi 6ix9ine has made a career of not being a likable figure, including famously being arrested and charged in a RICO case for his affiliation with gang associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. He notably “snitched” on other members of the group and was only sentenced to two years in prison.

Since his release, he’s continued to antagonize his detractors. In fact, this past weekend, he was visibly very drunk at a baseball game in Florida that he was ejected from.

In classic Tekashi fashion, the professional provocateur was verbally sparring with another person attending the game when that fan threw a beer at the rapper.

It’s not clear if that incident is linked to the beating at the LA Fitness gym in the town of Lake Worth Beach.

But what is abundantly clear is that Tekashi is as reviled a figure as he ever was.


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