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Lyft Drivers Kicks Out Racist

Source: @StrictlyChristo / Twitter

Have you ever come across white people who are so racist that it blows their minds when other white people won’t put up with their racism?

Such was the case for Pennsylvania Lyft driver James Bode, who kicked a bigoted bar owner out of his car after she was unable to even sit her klanny-fanny all the way down before saying some racist sh**.

From the Charlotte Observer:

James Bode, a ride-share driver for Lyft, had just arrived to pick up a woman named “Jackie” on the evening of May 13 when something she said made him do a double take.

“Wow, you’re like a white guy,” the woman can be heard saying in the dashcam video timestamped at 10:27 p.m..

“Excuse me,” Bode asked.

“You’re like, a normal guy?” she replied as she got settled into the back of the car. “You speak English?”

Bode looked incredulous.

“Sorry,” she laughed, patting Bode on the shoulder.

“No, you can get out of the car,” Bode told her.

First, let’s just talk about how absolutely shocked this woman was to find out this white Lyft driver was not a fellow racist and that she was getting the boot for expressing her bigotry before making sure her rideshare was a safe space for white supremacy. She was also surprised her driver wasn’t a person of color in the first place, which means a lot of POC Lyft drivers probably had to put up with a lot of this KK-Karen’s white nonsense in the past.

“If someone was not white sitting in this seat, what would be the difference?” Bode asked the woman just before her boyfriend tried to get into the car. Bode informed him that he was refusing to drive them because of what the woman said, and that’s when the man showed him what a perfect racist couple he and his girlfriend are.

“You’re a f***** a**hole,” Jackie’s boyfriend said after Bode told him his girlfriend’s remarks were “inappropriate.” He also called Bode a “piece of sh**,” said he “should punch you in the face” and called him a “n****r lover.”

Bode reportedly picked the couple up outside of Fossil’s Last Stand in Catasauqua, a suburb of Allentown. Bode can be heard asking them, You guys own the place?” to which they apparently responded yes.

“That’s great, everyone’s going to know. Fossil’s Last Stand for Black people, right?” Bode asked.

More from the Observer:

Catasauqua police confirmed to McClatchy News that a harassment report was filed that evening by the ride-share driver, with the incident under investigation.

“If you make me feel uncomfortable, I will absolutely do the same, especially in my car or property,” Bode wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Fossil’s Last Stand’s Yelp page has been bombarded with so many negative reviews that Yelp removed the ability to post reviews due to “increased public attention.”

And to think all these racists had to do was keep their mouths shut. See what all that hatred does?



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