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Real is what Sara Jakes Coleman was trying to be on her latest Periscope when the saints came for her. I seriously can’t believe people are bashing Sara for speaking truth. This area of a young Christian life is where I believe the “saints” need to work on. What makes us relatable is not the fact that you think you have arrived but it is the process that ministers to those who are still trying to get there.

In my humble opinion, Sara was trying to say that some people are going to still have sex regardless of what the word of God says and then there are others who simply may fall. But, if you are going to have sex at least, be protected. She was not advocating for sex outside of marriage.  And some of the people that were complaining has made the same mistake themselves. Yes, premarital sex is sin, but for those who are not there yet, they need to be told the truth, and they also need to be taught to protect themselves if they’re going to do it. Everyone is not celibate, even some Christians. A lot of people, Christians included, know that premarital sex is sin, but because the flesh is weak, they succumb.

source: theoldblackchurch.com

Cora Jake Coleman Talking About Sex Has Made The Church Folks Mad!!  was originally published on praisecleveland.com