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For possibly the first time in American history, white conservatives got upset over a Black man being handled violently by law enforcement—and all it took was for said Black man to be an anti-science, pro-medical misinformation GOP hopeful.

Meet Republican candidate for Nevada’s lieutenant governor, Mack Miller.

Video footage spread across social media Tuesday showing Miller being aggressively escorted by security guards out of a Clark County Commission meeting. And by “aggressively escorted,” I mean he got thrown into and through a medical detector WWE-style while white people clutched their pearls and shouted at the security guards for their brutality. (I wouldn’t expect any of those people to be in attendance at the next Black Lives Matter march, though, because no amount of negro-slamming will convince people like that of systemic racism in policing and use-of-force incidents being a real thing. But mask mandates? Now, that’s clearly oppression.)

The whole incident started when a crowd of attendees erupted in outrage during the committee meeting where a resolution declaring COVID-19 vaccine misinformation to be a public health crisis was announced.

Now, according to the Las Vegas Sun, a commission attorney told the room, “It’s not an ordinance that enacts a punishment for people who feel differently or speak differently than the board’s message today,” but that didn’t stop the crowd from calling it an infringement on their First Amendment rights by a “tyrannical” and “communist” government looking to “kill,” its citizens through forced inoculation.

So, protesters from the YouTube school of medicine can be heard in the meeting chanting, “masks don’t work,” among other things, as the room erupted in shouting and shoving that included Miller going buck wild on security.

Miller can be heard shouting, “I’ll be damned if a security guard, who works for the people, is going to shove me around,” which eventually led to him being violently thrown out.

Just so we’re clear, two things can be true at once.

The security guards were excessive in the brutal way they went about giving Miller the boot, and Miller was part of an unruly mob of science-denying idiots who people who care about public health probably don’t mind seeing pummeled for their ignorance.

It’s like: Security didn’t need to do all that, but I don’t really care because these people are dangerous, misinformation-spreading morons who are hellbent on making this global pandemic worse than it needs to be.

Maybe I’m a bit of a hypocrite, but, God, these people are stupid and I really want to shove them all into metal detectors.

Apparently, Miller didn’t suffer any serious injuries as he’s later seen walking away from the incident accompanied by a supportive crowd of fellow crazy anti-vaxxers.

Anyway, what y’all having for lunch?



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