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Scrolling Facebook is a part of my morning routine after hitting the the snooze button several times, trying to recall the dream I had, and thanking God for another day. Recently, a Facebook friend posted a status asking the question Can a person be too nice? I immediately had a comment to post, but I paused for a few minutes and tried to give someone else the opportunity. For one, I know that the woman who posed the question is generally a pleasant person. From other things she’s posted, I can see she’s a bit naive and wants everyone to like her.

Several minutes passed by and still no one commented–that was my green light to post.  Yes. Some people set no boundaries and wonder why they get used, I wrote. She liked my comment and agreed that setting boundaries was important and that she had been asking God to help her do better in that area. So obviously, one can conclude that her “being nice” often ends up with her being taken advantage of.  Then all of a sudden, her other Facebook friends started to chime in on the conversation. Sidebar: Is it just me, or do people purposely have no opinion or feedback on something until AFTER they see you comment? This happens to me all the time! Anyway, here comes the sudden interest in the great debate of being “too nice.”

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