Now It’s “Preachers’ Exes?”

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I am not anti-reality show in the least. Sometimes I believe there is plenty in my life to entertain, inspire, horrify and disgust the masses if a camera were to follow my every move. As any motivator, I would surely hold to the hope that someone would be blessed by my mess in some way. However, from this trailer, I just do not see that potential with the proposed show, “Preachers’ Exes.”

The show was inspired by the book, “3PM: The Preacher. The Power. The Penis & Me,” written by executive producer Cheron K. Griffin. The show will feature Griffin with other former preachers’ exes. While the preachers’ exes are named (Lynn Littlejohn, Ysidra Kyles, Rochelle Mudd, Chinaza Duson and DiShan Winters), the names of the preachers they were married to are not disclosed.

According to the show’s Facebook description, “Most churches have mess from the pulpit to the pew, but America has been afraid to deal with the issues of the pastor and those who have been involved with the pastor.” The exes will tackle many issues they have faced while married to their husbands, such as infertility, miscarriages, cheating and a marriage to a gay preacher.

Preachers are not always pastors. However, let’s assume that as a preacher’s exe, the cast members were first ladies. I know some radical current and ex-first ladies. While they can be rough around the edges, bold, in your face and very unorthodox, they carry themselves as women of confidence and influence with their own relationships with God NOT defined by their past or current relationship with a preacher. The pilot trailer of this cast of exes features typical reality TV confrontations, some profanity, some questionable attire, and behavior that I am sure will make great reality TV, but is, again, not entirely representative of our community.

You be the judge. Take a look at the trailer and share your comments below. Will you watch? Is this a fair representation? Or is it more reality show hot mess?


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