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MegaFest 2013 - Day 1

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Today’s church is on trial and the leader is on blast, criticism and judgment flow through every public and personal media outlet possible. Negativity seems to outweigh the positive and the church and pastor have been placed on the scales of scandal and skepticism, but is the portrayed reality the truth?

The church was founded on the concept of love. Love is not a feeling but an action. Love carries responsibility and does what is necessary. Faith may run low at times, but love never fails.

Love looks for creative ways to keep its affections engaged. That’s the caliber of church and pastor that one would believe does not exist anymore but that is far from true. There is a pastor whose life and exploits embody that love that was once associated with a man of God. His voice possesses a power and captivation that can convict and bring deliverance in one conversation. He has granted us endless wisdom through the years with books, conferences, radio, television, music, movies, and even with his own talk show. He has trampled societal limitations imposed on his position so that the transforming essence of his ministry may reach the most distant of hearts. Bishop T.D. Jakes dares to take the lead in implementing Jesus’ command and taking the word to the people.

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source: Monarch Magazine

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