A new policy at one Italian restaurant is getting some big-time backlash from parents in North Carolina.

The restaurant recently announced its banning children 5 and under.


Father comforting his crying daughter

Source: Tony Anderson / Getty

“Sometimes the children become rowdy, and some of our other guests, it has made them upset because the parents don’t do the right thing of taking the child out,” said manager Michael Mills

With its chandeliers, piano music and candlelight, Mills said the restaurant is trying to offer a fine dining experience.

Not all diners like the new rule.

“We actually got up and left because the waitresses were very rude,” said Whitney labozzetta, a mother of six. “When my daughter, who is one, cried, they gave us the nasty look.”

Others accepted the policy.

“I agree with them. Kids are supposed to be quiet, not heard, leave them home,” George Rondinelli said.

“We’re just trying to create a dining experience that everyone can enjoy,” Mills said. “We’re very kid-friendly here. We just put in an age limit on infants up until five.”

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