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You know her as “The Chick Who ‘Rants’ About Everything” 

Independent Network News Anchor, Tells President Obama ‘Be a Leader’ & Fight Against Radical Islam

Source: Screen Capture / Youtube

“You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well,”

Lahren said.

Tomi Lahren has gained more enemies than friends in her political circle. Rumor has it, Lahren has been suspended from her show on The Blaze for a week according to Glenn Beck. This comes after Lahren was on The View Friday expressing that she was pro-abortion. Her constituents aren’t pleased with her take on certain subjects on top of growing tensions between her and co-workers at The Blaze. Take a look at the interview.

Some co-workers slammed her on Twitter after the interview because she called Republicans who don’t believe in pro-choice “hypocrites”.Tomi responded saying that she shares a RANGE of views… from conservative to liberal and everywhere inbetween.  Lahren’s contract is up with The Blaze in September let’s see how long this lasts. This is a developing story and Magic 95.5 will keep you updated!

Source: Newser

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