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Urban Meyers Discuss How Student Athletes Get Short End Of Stick

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OSU Football coach Urban Meyers is speaking up on universities doing more for student-athletes.

Meyers is always looking for the best for his players on and off the field. That includes their football careers after college.

“I think that student-athletes have gotten the short end of the stick for many years by universities and I am guilty of it myself for many years,” he said. “A powerful university like OSU should do more than get you a degree. It should get you a career. ”

Let’s face it, only one percent of student-athletes make pro and Meyers says recruiters are not thinking about life for students once college is over.

“I would always sit and listen to them (recruiters) and thought did I really sound like them when I was recruiting,” Meyer said. “They are talking about jersey number, locker room and as a parent, you don’t care about any of that. You care about what will that school do for your kid.”

The championship winning coach also notes that parents too have to take charge of recruiting meetings.

“Typical answer is a degree, Meyer said, “and I can’t disagree with it more,” he said.

As parents, we all have dreams for our kids to go to college and get a full ride scholarship. For some children, their scholarship is around athletics, which is fine. However, like Meyers points out, students should always take advantage of getting a career that can lead to a prosperous career.

Meyers goes in depth on his concerns that high schools are forcing students to focus on one sport and more tips for parents who may be sitting with school recruiters in the future.


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