Scary news reported Thursday that an American Airlines flight was forced to land in St. Louis due to a security threat. Now a local Ohioan is giving us more details on the moments during the emergency landing.

Via 10TV:

Mark Bowman of Clintonville was on the flight that left Columbus just after 7 a.m. Thursday, bound for Phoenix.

“We were flying and there was an announcement came on that said that we were going to have to divert over to St. Louis because there was a de-icing issue,” Bowman said.

Once the plane landed, it became clear ice was not the concern.

“At that time they came over the intercom and the pilot stated that security would be boarding the plane and no one is to leave their seat,” he said.

Bowman said security officers zeroed in on a young man seated directly in front of him.

“They walked directly to him and asked him ‘Who has the cell phone?’ He said ‘ I do’. He reached up, they took his cell phone, they stood him up, asked where his carry-on luggage was and he pointed to a couple of bins.”

American Airlines Flight 534 was headed to Phoenix when it was diverted to St. Louis for an emergency landing the threat. The FBI is involved in the investigation and bomb-sniffing dogs were seen sniffing carry on bags and checked the plane.However, once the plane landed, it was reported that the threat was deemed non-credible by law enforcement.


After everyone was evacuated from the plane and bomb-sniffing dogs we finishing searching for any threats, the FBI concluded that there was no threat.


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