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Many people in my generation and younger have had the opportunity to have a free dental exam and/or cleaning provided by their school. However, a Baltimore mother was very upset to see that her son received more than just a cleaning.

According to WJZ News, a student had 3 of his teeth pulled out without his mother’s formal consent and was sent home to walk a mile on his own. When his mother, Shanda Flemming, saw her son come home in tears and missing three teeth, she was very upset with the dental program and school.

“I’m angry about this. I don’t think that it should have happened like that,” says Flemming.

The 9-year-old did have his mother sign the permission slip and the school is standing behind that as the mother giving her consent. Whether that’s the case, the mother is upset that her son had to miss his bus home and was forced to walk home after being put under to do the dental surgery.

“He walked home alone after having three teeth extracted from his mouth. He could have fell out or anything,” says Flemming. “I just don’t understand how a school or a company can take it in their hands to do something like this to a child.”