Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

Steve Harvey, comedian, radio show host, TV Talk Show Host and The Host of Family Feud wanted into Trump Tower; some thinking it was a joke or TV Stunt; but when he walked onto the President-Elects Personal Gold Elevator, then it all of a sudden wasn’t a joke.

He was there to meet with the President-Elect Donald Trump.

Steve Harvey said he was invited to Trump Tower by the Trump Transition Team.   After the meeting Trump & Steve Harvey came to the lobby for a photo-op as he’s done with all his celebrity meetings.

Harvey said they talked and laughed and joked, talked about golf and gold courses; about people that they knew, and they Trump asked Steve “what do you want”?   Harvey responded by saying he wanted to help with Urban Development in the cities across the country.  Trump then picked up the phone and called “Ben Carson” who is his choice for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Steve Harvey said they talked and that they have agreed to team up and see what positive changes they can make in the inner cities, if any.

Harvey said he thought Trump was sincere and was a “good guy.”  Since the meeting Steve Harvey has been hammered by the public.  He spent time on his National Radio Show to explain the reason why he met with Donald Trump.  He said the current President Barack Obama has said in the pass – “We must take time to talk regardless who is the President.”


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