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New Year's Eve 2017 In Times Square

Source: James Devaney / Getty

In this age of high technology, it’s hard to determine who is live and who is not.  A performer can be on stage singing live or they can be on stage and not singing but you will still hear their voices.

That’s what was supposed to happen New Year’s Eve on the New Year’s Eve Times Square Special featuring Mariah Carey.

While on stage, when time for Mariah to sing – the track began to play with her voice, but she failed to sing with the track.  Instead she talked through the song while her voice was singing to the world.

No one knows at this point why she didn’t sing, but it was a total debacle and it made international headlines.

Mariah Cary is claiming Sabotage by Dick Clark Productions and Dick Clark Productions is saying it is anything but that.

Whatever happened it was not a beautiful sight for either camp.  Cary’s  spokesperson said “it’s a shame that Production set her up to fail.


Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Debacle!! Claims Sabotage – Watch Video  was originally published on myspiritdc.com